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Inżynieria Lądowa i Transport

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Sep 28, 2023

Tomczak, Michał, 2023, "Aggregation of decision maker ratings for a construction processes durations prediction system",, RepOD, V1

Sep 25, 2023

Szewczak, Ilona, 2023, "Theoretical and experimental basis of the analysis of the effectiveness of composite reinforcements of thin-walled steel structures, taking into account the influence of spatial work",, RepOD, V1

Dec 7, 2022

Pieńko, Michał, 2022, "Experimental studies of the load bearing capacity and stiffness of joint of aluminum temporary structures",, RepOD, V1

Oct 13, 2022

Malinowski, Szymon, 2022, "Ageing processes invesitigation of asphalt binders modified with polymer composites",, RepOD, V1

Jul 20, 2022

Kawecki, Bartosz; Pieńko, Michał; Lipecki, Tomasz; Stachowicz, Andrzej, 2022, "Comparison of the response to local fire of beams made of wood-CFRP composite (BSH-CFRP) and glue laminated timber (BSH)",, RepOD, V1

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